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2019      ProjekTraum FN , "Janice Sloane",  Friedrichshafen, Germany (upcoming)

2015      The Shala Yoga House, Glittery, NYC

2013       Gallery 117, Pelo, NYC

2011       Governors Island Art Fair, That's It, NYC

2007       Galeria La Refaccionaria, Head Case Fit, Mexico DF  

2001       Art Resources Transfer Inc., Project Room 3, NYC

1999       Art Resources Transfer Inc., Project Wall, NYC. 

1990       Galeria Art Vance, Paintings,  Mexico D.F.



2018   Ladron Galeria, "Dolor de Cabeza", Mexico City, Mexico (upcoming)

           First Light Set Shop, "Cast", Brooklyn, NY, curated by Fillmore Projects

           Cunsthaus, "Year Zero", Tampa, Fla, curated by Roxanne Jackson

           Temporary Storage, "Flowers and Monsters", Bklyn, NY curated by Meer Musa

2017    Equity Gallery, “2017 Annual Members Invitational", NYC, NY

            Westbury Community College, "The Expanding Matrix", LI, NY curated by Fred Fleisher             

             Gallery Protege, "Fun House", NYC, curated by D.Dominich Lombardi 

             BULLET SPACE, "Wrong Side Of History", NYC, NY curated by A. Castrucci 

             SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW,  "20 Eyes in My Head", NYC, NY curated by Chris Bors

             SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW. "Psychic Dream Girls", NYC, NY curated by Rachel Phillips

             SRO  Gallery, "The Air Is Frozen at The Luxury Hotel" Janice Sloane and Niklas Nenzen,    

             Brooklyn,  NY

             Knockdown Center, Nasty Women Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY curated by Jessamyn Fiore

2016     David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Making the Future, Brooklyn , NY curated by Julie Torres

             Honey Ramka, Or Bust, Brooklyn, NY

             The Boiler, Wag Mag Benefit Auction, Brooklyn, NY

2015     The Boiler, Wag Mag Benefit Auction, Brooklyn, NY

              Storefront Ten Eyck, Making History, Brooklyn, NY

              Radiator Gallery, OTO # 28, LIC, NY Curated by Michael Sarff

              SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, In Between Meanings, NYC  Curated by Rachel Phillips

2014      Brooklyn Fire Proof, Exchange Rates,  Brooklyn, NY

              The Boiler, Pierogi Gravity Racers, Brooklyn, NY

              Storefront Ten Eyck, BOS Benefit Auction, Brooklyn, NY

              The Last Brucennial 2014, NYC, NY

2013      Scope Art Fair, The Parlour Bushwick, Miami Fla.

              Gallery Homeland, Hearts of Darkness, Portland, Oregon – curated by Marc Roder

              Salem Art Works, Pop Up Show, Salem, NY

              White Box, White Box Benefit Auction Exhibition, NYC

              Fountain Art Fair, Cream Gallery, Flush, NYC - curated by Virginia Villari Blanc

              Fountain Art Fair, The Parlour Bushwick, NYC

              The Nightclub, Whisky and Rye, Miami, Fla. - curated by Amalia Caputo

2012      Fountain Art Fair, Cream Gallery, Flush, Miami, Fla. - curated by Virgina Villari Blanc

              Fountain Art Fair, The Parlour Bushwick, Miami, Fla.

              The Parlour Bushwick, Show #4, Brooklyn NY – curated by Rachel Phillips

              NurtureArt Benefit Auction Exhibition. New York, NY

              Neuen Museum, Salem2Salem, Salem, Germany – curated by Stefan Feucht

              The Parlour, Group Show #1, Brooklyn, NY – curated by Rachel Phillips

              Flying Carpet, Certain Circuits 5/5 Issue Launch/Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA – curated by

              Bonnie McCallister                   

              Cheim and Read Gallery, Visual Aids Benefit, NYC

2011      Rush Gallery, Curate NYC, NYC

              Samson Projects, Chain Letter, Boston, Mass.

2010      Beta Spaces, Unkind, Brooklyn, NY – curated by Rachel Phillips

2009      Page Not Found, Co-Mix, Brooklyn, NY- curated by Rachel Phillips

2008      White Box, The Dream of the Red Chamber Masquerade Ball, NYC

              Fusion Arts Museum, Woman, NYC

2007      Newman Popiashvili Gallery, I Died For Beauty, NYC – curated by Omar Lopez Chahoud

              F Space, 18th Festival International du Film Lesbien & Feministe de Paris, Paris


              X Teresa Arte Actual, Eject, Primer Festival de Videoperformance, Mexico DF – curated by  

              Carlos Jaurena                 

              Galeria La Refaccionaria, Enmascaradas, Mexico DF – curated by Richard Moszka

              El Centro de la Imagen, Enmascaradas, Mexico DF – curated by Richard Moszka

2005      Dig 101 Gallery, Northerner Obscuras, Houston, Texas – curated by Jon Lewis 

              Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Body Image, Chicago, Ill.

              Tastes Like Chicken Art Space, Me, Myself and My Emotions, Brooklyn, NY- curated by  

              Rachel Phillips                       

2004      Festival Internacional Barcelona  Arte Contemporaneo, Piel de Pieles, Barcelona, Spain

              Pierogi 2000, Pierogi Gravity Racers, Bklyn, N.Y.

              White Box Annex, Gun and Wound Show, NYC – curated by Alisoun Meehan

              Neue Galerie Graz, Support, Graz, Austria – curated by Peter Weibel

2002      Garash, Instant Coffee Projects Urban Disco Cart, Mexico D.F. 

2001      Centrodearte, ARCO, Ventanas, Madrid, Spain

2000      ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology, The Anagrammatical Body, Karlsruhe,  

              Germany – curated by Peter Weibel

              Tel Aviv Artists Studio Gallery, Mount Miami, Tel Aviv, Israel – curated by Tami Katz- 


              Eugenia Vargas Studio/Residence, Home Invasion, Miami, Florida – curated by Eugenia

              Vargas Periera                         

1999      DESTE Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Skin, Athens, Greece – curated by Andrea 


              Kunsthaus Murzzuschlag, The Anagrammatical Body, Murzzuschlag, Austria – curated by  

              Peter Weibel                    

              El Espacio, 25x25, salon de pequeno formato, Mexico D.F 

1998      Galeria La BF.15, Colectiva, Monterrey, Mexico.- curated by Pierre Raine

1997      Vallarta 1085, We Are Glass, Guadalajara, Mexico. - curated by Guillermo Santamarina

              The Corner House, Pierogi 2000 Flatfiles, Manchester, England

              Centro Cultural Latinoamericano, El amor / La muerte, Munich, Germany

              Brooklyn Museum, Current / Undercurrent, Brooklyn, N.Y. - curated by Joe Amrhein

              Museo Universitario del Chopo, Semenal cultural gay, Mexico D.F. 

              Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Las transgresiones al cuerpo, Mexico  D.F. - curated by Edgardo 


              Casa Museo Nahum Zenhil, Dia de la madre, Tenango del Aire, Mexico

1996      Curare, Cuatro por quince, Mexico D.F.

              Casa Doce, 4 para 2000, Mexico D.F. - curated by Prem Sarjo

              Pierogi 2000, The Art Exchange Show, NYC – curated by Joe Amrhein

1995      Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Other Rooms, NYC

              Carla Stellweg Gallery, Figures of Construction, NYC – curated by Carla Stellweg

1994      Printed Matter, Smart Art, NYC

1992      Museo Universitario del Chopo, Continuidad de la experiencia, Mexico D.F.

1991      Centro Cultural Santo Domingo, El desnudo masculino, Mexico D.F. - curated by Armando 


              Galeria Pinto Mi Raya, Madrecitas, Mexico D.F. - curated by Monia Mayer

              Pinacoteca, Colectiva, Tlaxcala, Mexico

1990      Galeria Art Vance, Entrega de los Balmori, Mexico D.F. - curated by Aldo Flores


2017        White Hot Magazine, Occupying Offices – Independent Vs. Spring/Break, Paul Laster

2016        Hyperallergic, Best of 2016 Our Top 15 Brooklyn Art Shows, Benjamin Sutton

                Yale University Radio WYBCX, Interview with Brainard Carey, June 2016

2012       Creaminology, Cream Hotel, Janice Sloane and The Impermanence of Skin, Virginia Villari,                                 NYC

2011       Sensitive Skin Magazine, Fall Issue, Janice Sloane, 2011

               Certain Circuits, October Issue, 2011

2007       Milenio, Suplemento Cultural, Janice Sloane: Head Case Fit en la Refaccionaria,

               Magali Tercero, Mexico D.F.      

2006       The Herald, Playing Hide and Sick in the Refaccionaria, Caroline Mackinnon,Mexico 



2001       Art New England, Kenise Barnes Fine Art/Larchmont, Katherine Gass,

               Ethik & Unterrich, Body Check, Sabine Himmelsbach, Seelze,Germany

               El Periodico del Arte, La mirada poliedrica, Lorna Scott Fox, Madrid, Spain.

2000       The Anagrammatical Body: The Body and its Photographic Condition,  

               Peter Weibel, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria

1999       Skin (catalogue), Tabula Nuda, Andrea Gilbert, Athens, Greece

               N.Y. Times, Communicating through Photographs, D. Dominick Lombardi, N.Y

1998       Harpers Bazaar, Piel Translucida,  Bernice Gonzalez, Mexico D.F.                                        

1997       Curare, Espacio critico para las artistas, Las transgresiones al cuerpo,Jorg Reynoso,

               Pohlenz, Mexico D.F.

1990       Unomasuno, El espectro atrapado, Patricia Castellanos, Mexico D.F.


2017 Eileen Kaminsky Foundation Studio Artist Residency, MANA Contemporary, NJ

2014  Salem Art Works, Independent Artist Residency, Salem, NY 

2013  Salem2Salem, Salem Art Works, Salem, NY

2012  Salem2Salem, Salem, Germany

 COLLECTIONS — selected private collectors by request.

C-Collection, NYC, Vaduz, Lichtenstein 

Neue Galerie Graz, Graz, Austria


School of Visual Arts

Cooper Union

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