Creamhead2 Updown 2019-2021 HD Video - short clip from full work

Labios 2021 - segment of full work
"Labios" is an HD video zoom live recording done during the Coronavirus lockdown of a performative meeting in which I invited some very close friends from Mexico City, Argentina, Miami and NYC to participate in a time-based action that consisted of applying lipstick freely as an act of shared intimacy. This work questions loneliness, gender norms, vanity and impermanence.

Creamhead1 (with Julie Spodek) segment of full work
2019 HD Video 10:37 play as loop

Creamhead 1(with Julie Spodek),2019 is a durational private performance video documentation with no edits. A woman has her head completely covered with shaving cream. She manipulates the cream over her head for as long as she can, before taking a breath. Under the cream she cannot see or breathe. A form of sensory deprivation. She becomes highly sensitive to the nature, feeling and consistency of the cream, as she moves it around creating living sculptures in a sequence. The breath bursts through. Violently. A light soft confinement with an easy escape.

2014-15 HD video 2:36 loop